Swiss Captain Xhaka Rejects LGBT Campaign at Qatar World Cup

Swiss national team captain Granit Xhaka (photo:

Doha, MINA – The captain of the Swiss Granit Xhaka said he would not imitate the actions of the German national team which posed while covering their mouths as a form of protest to FIFA which banned the use of rainbow armbands (to support LGBTQ+).

“I think the Swiss national team doesn’t need to do anything. We have to respect the agreed rules and concentrate on competing, that’s all I want to do,” said the Muslim footballer as quoted from on Monday.

Like Xhaka, English football club player, Everton Andros Townsend also agrees with banning the OneLove captain’s armband at the Qatar World Cup because this is against Islamic teachings.

“Talking about the Rainbow Laces campaign in the Premier League, Muslim players respect it but we don’t support it because it is against religious teachings that it is a sin for us to do that,” said Townsend.

“When they are in our country, they respect our religious beliefs and vice versa because that is their religious belief, whether right or wrong, they must believe it for a reason,” he added.

Same-sex relationships and marriages themselves are something that is prohibited by Islam, Christianity, and all divine religions.

Islam forbids its adherents to commit or support sexual deviance in any way.

The Catholic Church also teaches that homosexuality is not a sin, but having a relationship with the same sex is something that is prohibited.

Former Pope Benedict XVI asked all humans to protect themselves from sexual perversions that can destroy humans. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)