ASEAN farmer`s market in Czech promotes Indonesian culinary arts (Photo: ANTARA/Yusran Uccang)
ASEAN farmer`s market in Czech promotes Indonesian culinary arts (Photo: ANTARA/Yusran Uccang)

London, 1 Dzulhijjah 1435/25 September 2014 (MINA) – Indonesian “diaspora,” in collaboration with four embassies of the ASEAN countries, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam, promoted their local culinary arts in the ASEAN Farmers Market held in Prague, Czech Republic.

The market showcased some typical Indonesian street food such as kue lumpur (mud pie), rissole (small croquettes filled with minced meat or vegetables), lemper (glutinous rice filled with meat or chicken), tempeh, wajik (sweet steamed sticky glutinous rice), kerupuk (deep fried crackers), and bubur sum-sum (soft porridge with brown sugar sauce).

Third Secretary of Indonesian Embassy in Prague Fitriyani Riduan informed Antara London on Wednesday that it was the third time that Indonesia was participating in the farmers market held in Dejvice Square, Prague, Antaranews quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as reporting.

The participation of ASEAN embassies got a positive response from Prague Mayor Marie Kousalikova, who officially welcomed the ASEAN Farmers Market, witnessed by the ambassadors of ASEAN member countries, diplomats, and locals.

Kousalikova lauded the ambassadors for their continuous participation, solidarity, and concern for Prague.

Indonesian Ambassador in Prague Emeria W.A. Siregar stated that the participation of the Indonesian embassy has been a strategic step in strengthening people-to-people relations between both countries through the promotion of culinary arts.

She also emphasized that the participation of the ASEAN member countries in Farmers Market 2014 was aimed to promote ASEAN in Czech Republic and to welcome the ASEAN Community 2015.

The farmers market is part of the ASEAN Committee in Prague (ACP) event, which had earlier organized an ASEAN Film Festival on September 9-12. Later, the committee will hold ASEAN Family Day on September 27.

The farmers market in Dejvice Square is the oldest and one of the largest traditional markets in Prague, which is visited by around 10 thousand people.

The market sells various fruits and vegetables procured from the local farmers. It also sells typical Czech cuisines. The market opens every Saturday, from March until December throughout the year.

The visitors, who are basically locals, also buy some typical Indonesian plants such as chilies and lemon grass, whose seeds were specially imported from Indonesia and then cultivated by an Indonesian “diaspora” in Czech.(T/P009/R03)


Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)