As Three Aceh Ships to Operate in 2021

(Photo: By courtesy)

Surabaya, MINA – The acting Governor of Aceh, Ir Nova Iriansyah is optimistic that the three units of “Great Aceh” Passenger Motor Boats (KMP) can operate in January 2021.

“I am optimistic that it can be completed and operational in January 2021. If we look at the schedule from PT Adiluhung Saranasegara, at the end of November it will be delivered to Aceh, and depending on the weather,” said Nova Iriansyah, during a working visit to PT Adiluhung Seranasegara Indonesia in Bangkalan, Madura, East Java on Monday.

The ship built in Bangkalan is planned to be handed over in December later this year. Nova even continues to warn PT Adiluhung Saranasegara as a partner who builds ships to keep up the rhythm of their work.

Nova said, when finished later, it would speed up connectivity between Ulee Lheu Port to Sabang. The Aceh Hebat 2 KMP which was built in Bangkalan can contain 18 units of cargo trucks and 8 units of mini buses (private cars), with a total of 26 vehicles that can be loaded.

“Our challenge is only a matter of time. Hopefully, there are nothing out of the ordinary, so that we can work normally if it is faster, so that we can finish it, at least in the middle of December,” he said.

If covid subsides, at the end of the year it is believed the waves of tourists to Sabang will increase. With the increase in the crossing fleet, it will certainly make it easier for passengers to cross to Sabang.

According to Nova, the Aceh Hebat 2 ship which is the work of the nation’s children in Bangkalan, Madura is already very good. Because all the components are certified. “We have seen Seakeeping at the Hydrodynamics Laboratory of BPPT and all the results have been very satisfying,” said Nova. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)