As 658 Indonesian Students Commemorate World Handwashing Day

Indonesian Students Commemorate World Handwashing Day (photo: special)

Serang, Banten, MINA – Free Medical Services (LKC) Dompet Dhuafa (DD) Banten collaborated with 658 school Indonesian students enlivened the Handwashing with Soap (CTPS) activities at Warung Jaud and Masigit Elementary School in Serang City, Banten on Tuesday, October 15.

The activity was carried out in commemoration of World Handwashing Day on 15-18 October.

LKC Dompet Dhuafa Program Staff Sarah Audi Harun said in Indonesia itself, the Day of Handwashing with Soap (HTCPS) had begun regularly since 2008.

Sarah explained the concept had invited children to wash their hands diligently, and socializing since 2002.

“This activity starts from education or handwashing counseling, then each student is assisted by volunteers from Dompet Dhuafa to practice handwashing together, then students are given extra food,” she explained.

The campaign departed from the fact that many illnesses originated from personal hygiene, one of which was diarrhea, which caused by dirty hands.

She continued that besides that it also aimed to participate in reducing the mortality rate of children due to diarrhea.

“One way to reduce the mortality rate is to get used to washing hands using soap,” she said.

The World Handwashing Day is an annual global movement, dedicated to raising awareness and understanding, the importance of washing hands with soap as an easy, effective, and affordable way to prevent disease and even save lives. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)