As 27 Palestinians Flap Flags at Everest Mountain

(Quds Press)

Himalaya, MINA – As many as 27 Palestinians on Tuesday flapped Palestinian Flags on the top of Everest Mountain and wrote solidarity slogans for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupied.

The hiking lane they had to passed was difficult. They needed a week long and had to cut off more than 100 kilometers uphill between Himalaya and the top of Everest Mountain, Quds Press reported.

According official statistics, the number of Palestinian prisoners reaches about 5.700 people, Including 45 women, 230 children, 6 deputy on the Legislative Council, and 700 patients.

Everest Mountain is the highest mountain in the earth, the high about 8700 meters above the sea level, and one of the mountain that forms Himalaya in the border of China, Nepal, and North India.

European discovered this mount in 1847 and after for years observation, Everest Mountain was set as highest peak in the world.(T/Sjd/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)