AM Fachir Leads Indonesian Delegation to Middle East Peace Conference in Paris

Indonesian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs A.M. Fachir

Jakarta, 14 Rabiul Akhir 1438/13 January 2017 (MINA) – Indonesian Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs A.M. Fachir will lead a delegation to attend the meeting to discuss peace efforts in the Middle East in Paris on 14-15 January 2017.

“There is a Middle East peace conference in Paris. Indonesia will attend this meeting. Indonesia was consistently present at the first meeting and engaged in the process of preparation of this second meeting,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasir Arrmanatha on Thursday.

“Indonesia will intensively involve in discussions to promote dialogues between Israeli and Palestinian civil societies that may further spur spirit of cooperation and tolerance between the two of them in two-state solution concept,” Nasir said.

What we need to emphasize is that world pressure is high enough for the cessation of settlement construction. In fact, the existing UN Security Council resolutions asking it stopped, and finally for the first time the resolution is not vetoed by the United States, ” he said.

The conference would also discuss the forms of capacity building for Palestine so as to make the country adequately prepared when it declared independence, according to Nasir.

There are about 75 countries and international organisations invited to attend the conference, the second such gathering after a ministerial meeting was held here on June 3..

Likewise, Israeli and Palestinian leaders will also be invited to the conference.  (T/RS05/RS01)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)