All Palestinian Factions Declare National Resistance Against Annexation

Gaza, MINA – All Palestinian factions declare national resistance to the Israeli annexation decision over most of the occupied West Bank.

The declaration took place after a meeting of representatives of the Fatah factions, Hamas, Islamic Jihad and left factions, with the theme “United against the West Bank Decisions and Agreements of the Century.” Quds Press reports from the Gaza Strip on Sunday (June 28).

In his speech on behalf of the factions participating in the meeting, Khalid al-Batsh, a leader of the Islamic Jihad movement, gave details of the national plan agreed by all the factions to face annexation.

“We have formed a national united front for popular resistance to manage actions on the ground, and formed a people’s protection committee in the West Bank to deal with settlers and annexation actions,” al-Batsh said.

He stated that “the plan to deal with annexation requires ongoing programs, citizen movements, and mobilization of Palestinian institutions abroad for this confrontation.”

The agreed plan is divided into three stages, namely the national level, the Arabic and Islamic levels, and the international level, he continued.

He stressed the need to restore national unity, agree on a national strategy to face the current challenges, rebuild the Palestinian political system, specifically the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) on the basis of partnership and democracy, ensure the participation of all parties.

“We also urge the Arab League and Islamic Cooperation Organization to assume more responsibility in dealing with Israel’s decisions, by activating all means of pressure and force to thwart the annexation plan and agreement of the century, and provide a financial safety net for the Palestinian people,” he continued.

At a global level, the plan calls for the international community to be responsible for providing protection to the occupation to continue annexation and settlement actions, demanding the United Nations to place the occupying entity under international law, and implement a decision of international legitimacy that is just for the Palestinian people.

“We also urgently call for a meeting of the UN General Assembly to discuss an increase in occupational actions on the ground, with the support of all parties,” he said.

The international community is also asked to increase support for our people’s struggle through boycotts and attract investments that support the occupation, continued al-Batsh. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)