Al Washliyah: Not A Single Ulama Allows LGBT Practices

Jakarta, MINA – General Chairperson of PB Al ​​Washliyah KH Masyhuril Khamis explained that in Islam, LGBT is a practice that is prohibited by ijma’. This means that there is not a single mu’tabar scholar who allows this practice to be carried out, so that every Muslim is not allowed to differ in opinion regarding this matter.

“However, what is forbidden is not only human actions, or not if it only has a tendency. But what is also prohibited is if it follows up the wrong tendency,” he said to, Tuesday.

As in the Quran, it is also stated that humans are naturally happy with luxurious possessions. However, that does not mean that he is allowed to get these assets in every way possible, but there are rules that must be obeyed in channeling his tendency towards luxury assets.

Humans are also created to like the opposite sex, both those of the opposite sex who are already lawful for him or those who are not yet lawful and can even be someone who is still someone else’s wife.

If the opposite sex is not yet lawful, then Islam instructs us to lower our gaze and restrain these desires or channel them in a way that is lawful according to the Shari’a.

If it is impossible for the opposite sex to be lawful or is still in the status of a contract with another person, then he is obliged to divert and fight against this trend.

A person is innocent so long as he tries to fight off these wrong tendencies. What we need to understand is that Islam does not tell us to get rid of the tendency to like the opposite sex.

However, he orders us to lower our gaze and restrain our desires or channel it in a way that is lawful according to the Shari’a. In this way, he will be free from the unlawful law which will be rewarded with torment in the afterlife.

Everyone has their own challenges in fighting their passions. So, each will get a reward for his struggle in holding back these lusts that are not lawful.

As for the reasons some people seem to be defending LGBT people by claiming that they don’t vote either, but are destined to be “LGBT”, then that cannot be used as a justification for this deviation. Like a person who is born “disabled”, for example, he is still not allowed to steal on the pretext that he cannot work like the others. Because it was a test for him.

So be happy and lucky for those who can pass the test well and according to the instructions and woe to those who instead blame circumstances to justify forbidden lust.

“The point is we have to keep reminding that one of the causes of HIV is LGBT and this is a challenge not only in relation to the causes of physical pain, but what is even worse is the spread of spiritual illness, a disease that damages the civilized and religious Indonesian family order,” he explained. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)