1955 Asian African Conference as Living Document for Maintaining Peace, Unity & Brotherhood Among Nations

Personal Opinion of Moehammad Amar Ma’ruf, Charge D’affaires A.I. The Embassy of The Republic of Indonesia In Tripoli-Libya

This month World is reminded by such a historical moment that being held in Bandung-West Java Indonesia on April 18, 1955, namely Asian African Conference.

This Conference was attended by most of Asian African leaders plus Arab leaders to welcome the spirit of cooperation for the futuristic goals of countries in the so called the Third  World.

Since then, leaders of the conference succesfully iniated many technical gatherings and movement. The term of Third world gradually ended and changed unilateral action/approaches to become more partnership interaction/approches.

Almost 65 years world feels spirit of partnership in international relations become new promising approach in solving International problem. The spirit of partnership always become basic approach for the world to face and find durable solution on many difficult problems that seem never disappears.

The world today are challenged by many intermistic issues that endanger human life and environment. World still witnesses  tragic events. Cases of  war, ilegal trade of narcotics and drugs, illégal human trafficking,  pandemic disease, cyber crime and hoax, poverty, still color human interaction. In other side, world also witness new development that generate more prosperous societies.

Along with the above  potrait, environment  quality is deterioted and become most tangible menace for sustainability of life of human being and other living things.

Following this condition, natural disaster become more frequent views in our life. Cases of natural disaster (tsunami, floods, earthquakes, etc) are seem appears interchangebly as real challenge to be solved and its risks should be minimized.

Almost all current and future challenges need partnership efforts to be addresed and  studied by all national stakeholders to avoid unpopular policy that may have bad impacts toward human and environment safety in the world.

The world society needs this exersice to be taken as a lesson to avoid wrong decision and transformed it into positive energy for their national or international peace and development agenda.

Many countries in the world have prepared their national program. The good result of the implementation of those national agenda is good amunition to be shared and enrich international agenda of peace and development.

Recognizing that many countries have not ready yet to implement their existing program, partnership program through exchanging best practices give a possibility for those country implement its program.

These sharing best practices and experiences then to be disseminated widely and guide other international stakeholders formulate and implemented it  into real action in their national or their networkings.

This historic conference noted with gold ink that the soul of Asian and African, including Arab leaders and peoples of the countries are full of peaceful participation and intention to make them (leaders and its peoples) unified in guarding their national establishment.

The 1955 Asian African Conference is living document not only for Indonesian but also for International community, especially for Asian African including Arab countries.

What become the core of this successful conference is due to not only their strong leader commitment but also their own domestic peacefull participation condition.

In their respective participants countries condition is conducive. These two aspects are  becoming strong modality of Asian African including Arab leaders  to have a session in Bandung to work together for benefit of their domestic commitment and need.

These contribute to carry out their duty in protecting their inherited value of as a pillar of national unity to cooperate  in developing their peace and development agenda.

This important point was wisely being appreciated and developed by the Asian and African leaders. Therefore, this asset has become the key word of the First Indonesian President, Ir. Soekarno, speech, when he opened the Asian African Conferences. He stated that:

There are no more urgent tasks than to maintain peace without peace our freedom will not give any benefit. The recovery and the establishment in our countries will be meaningless.”

It clearly showed that the conference had given good lesson to participant that peace  is priority. Without peace all establishment will be in vain.

Nowdays, world deserve to be sad when basic principle and  approach to work and cooperate together is challenged or even encroached. The nature of threat seems to use old way by infiltrating national asset, peaceful participation that actually inhereted by founding fathers and mentioned in the constitution.

In this context, all national stakeholders should look to what have been done by their founding fathers who have succeded in giving the fresh air of freedom to live and cooperate to each other to establish peaceful dialog that invite as wide as stakeholders participation.

In shaa Allah with one word Bismillahirrohmanirrohim and with good intention of all stakeholders the peaceful participation will be reachieved and retained and  open new era of Brotherhood for better future for their beloved peoples and country.

In this regards, as a Indonesian national where the 1955 Asian African Conference being held, I would like to pray that peacefull participation can be achieved Bi idznillah.

May Allah Subhanahu wata’ala give all of us His Strength, Direction and Barakah. Aaamiin Ya Robbal Aaalamiin.

Last but not least, let me conclude this short article by expressing hope BARAKNA SYA’BAN BALIGHNA RAMADHAN WA RAMADHAN KAREEM FOR MOSLEM AND THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD.(AK/R1/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)