Israeli troops deploy near northern Gaza border.ALRAY PhotoGaza City, 18 Jumadil Awwal 1435/19 March 2014 (MINA) – Israeli carriers have unloaded tanks and caterpillars to the area opposite to Beit Hanon crossing, northern Gaza Strip, Palestinian media reported.

Gaza-based Safa news agency said dispatching the troop reinforcements coincided with intensive flying of helicopters and drones over the eastern parts of the strip, ALRAY, Palestinian Media Agency quoted by Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA) as reporting, Tuesday evening.

The move also came as the Israeli occupation prime minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, vowed ‘a tough response’ to any rockets launched from Gaza in his visit to the southern area of Negev.

A few days ago, Israeli jet fighters carried out a number of raids allegedly on military sites that belong to the Palestinian resistance factions, after Islamic Jihad group fired a volley of crude rockets in retaliation Israeli killing of three of its members the day before.

A recent health ministry report said 18 Gazans have been killed in Israeli fire since early 2014.

Israeli navy opens fire at Gaza fishing boats

Israeli naval forces opened fire Tuesday morning towards Palestinian fishing boats off  the coast of Khanyounis in southern Gaza.

Dozens of Palestinian boats were targeted but no injuries were reported, according to ALRAY correspondent.

Israeli forces intend to practise unfair measures against Gaza fishermen on a daily basis including  arrests and reduction of the fishing zone.

In the Oslo Accords, Israel agreed to a 20-nautical-mile fishing zone off Gaza’s coast but it imposed a 3-mile limit for several years, opening fire at fishermen who strayed further.

Israel has controlled Gaza waters since its occupation of the area in 1967, and has kept several warships stationed off the coast since 2008.

Israeli forces to receive Samson aircraft next April

The largest and most advanced transport aircraft called “Samson”  is scheduled to be received by the Israeli occupation forces this April.

It is one of three planes that will reach Israel from the United States in the coming period.

The plane, which was manufactured by Lockheed Martin Corporation, is capable of flying at low levels and doing special missions.

Haaretz daily newspaper reported Tuesday that the rest of the planes will arrive next May.  

Its name backs to “Samson Agonist” who lived in Gaza and was known for his superhuman strength. (T/E01/IR)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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