West Sumatra Sends 1.3 Tons of Rendang for Cianjur Earthquake Victims

Damage Building Causes by Earthquake in Cianjur, West Java (photo: Komunikasi Kebencanaan/M Arfari Dwiatmodjo)

Cianjur, MINA – The Provincial Government of West Sumatra sent 1.3 tons of rendang packages as food aid to earthquake-affected communities in Cianjur Regency, West Java on Friday.

The Governor of West Sumatra, Mahyeldi, said that the rendang was produced by the MSME community. Apart from that, there is also rendang made by West Sumatra Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) officers.

“Now it’s on a road trip, Insya Allah, tomorrow it will arrive, it’s on its way, this is only part of it,” said Mahyeldi at the Cianjur Hall, Cianjur Regency, West Java, Friday.

In a release from the West Sumatra Kominfotik Office quoted by MINA, the governor also participated in cooking the rendang prepared by Dharma Wanita BPBD Prov. West Sumatra which will be sent to the Cianjur.

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“This Randang is also made by the community and MSME actors in West Sumatra with 1/4 to 1/2 kilogram packaging,” continued the governor.

According to him, the effort to share is one of the characteristics of the Minang community. When there is a disaster in an area, the Minang people will automatically help immediately without being ordered.

What’s more, according to him, the people of West Sumatra have also experienced several disasters. Among them, he said, was the earthquake in West Pasaman in early 2022, and the earthquake and tsunami in Mentawai in 2010.

“So for this reason, when our brothers in Cianjur experienced the same thing, the people of West Sumatra were concerned and at the same time also provided assistance today,” he said.

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The governor also appealed to regents and mayors and the public to be prepared and alert to the potential for an earthquake in West Sumatra. To BPBDs in districts/cities to provide disaster mitigation training and socialization in all areas of W Sumatra.

“Also make sure to activate the Earthquake Early Warning System in all places so that it functions better. So that our people are more alert,” said the governor.

Then, he also appealed to the Regent/Mayor in West Sumatra to immediately issue a local regulation on buildings that regulates how to make earthquake-resistant buildings or houses according to standards.

Meanwhile, Head of BPBD Preparedness for West Sumatra Province Ilham Wahab said the rendang packages sent had a shelf life of up to one month, so they were suitable for direct consumption by affected residents.

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“From all OPDs in West Sumatra the numbers vary. Some are 10 kilos, some are 20 kilos, some are 30 kilos. Some are from SOEs, Baznas and some are from MSMEs,” said Ilham.

Based on data from the National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) on Thursday, it was recorded that 39 people were still missing after the earthquake that occurred on Monday. Then, it was recorded that 272 victims died whose bodies had been found. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)