Virtual Learning Methods For Santri Through the Qur’an Call

Jakarta, MINA – The outbreak of the Covid-19 virus since the end of 2019 has caused almost all community activities in the world to be diverted to online mode, including education.

In the world of pesantren (Islamic Boarding School) and Al-Quran education, for example, one of the anticipatory steps to the spread of Covid-19 can also be an alternative to the latest educational methods.

The Chancellor of the Daarul Qur’an Institute, Muhammad Anwar Sani, said that during this Covid-19 pandemic various learning methods did have to adapt to using online or online systems.

However, Anwar explained Daarul Qur’an had actually implemented this system for a long time, even before the Covid-19 outbreak.

He revealed this because various programs carried out by Daarul Qur’an had been modified to follow the flow of technology and be responsive to various conditions.

“Actually, what is done by Daarul Qur’an, we actually have done it before Covid-19, what does it mean, the programs carried out by Daarul Qur’an have already headed there, the Qur’an Call for example,” he said.

Daarul Qur’an realized that having pesantren in Cipondoh, Cikarang, Lampung and various regions in Indonesia with more than 6,000 santri (outside santri house of tahfdz) was not enough.

Because, it all requires a lot of land and infrastructure. However, with the Qur’an Call Daarul Qur’an can reach the world only by utilizing technology.

Qur’an Call is a service of learning the Quran via telephone and video calls with the best teachers with various class choices such as iqra, tajwid even to tahfidz or memorizing the Quran.

It is located in Tangerang, Banten, and now has around 50,000 worshipers from home and abroad who have registered and studied the Koran with the Qur’an Call.

According to Anwar, all of this is evidence that Daarul Qur’an has welcomed the future long ago and implemented a learning system online, even before Covid-19 became epidemic.

So, responding to the Covid-19 pandemic, he stated that the virtual boarding school is the answer.

Virtual pesantren or more simply the online-based santri learning method is considered the most appropriate way. Bearing in mind, currently tens of thousands of students from Islamic boarding schools to Tahfiz homes were sent home, but the process of learning and memorizing them must continue.

Meanwhile, Abdul Ghofur as the Managing Director of PPPA Daarul Qur’an appreciated the Qur’an Call program which had been running for several years.

He said that the service had been visited several times by world Islamic leaders and received a good response from them.

“The Qur’an Call is a breakthrough, so we reach out to those who do not have time to recite the Qur’an because they are busy and so on, these are all PPPA Daarul Qur’an offerings for the people, because the Qur’an Call also exists because of the people,” he concluded. (R/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)