US Muslim Organization Rejects Hotel Construction on Xinjiang Mosque Land

Photo: MEMO

Washington, MINA – The largest US Muslim Advocacy Organization (CAIR) has urged Hilton Worldwide Holdings to cancel the plans to build a hotel on the land of a Mosque in China Xinjiang region.

CAIR Deputy National Director Edward Ahmed Mitchell said Hilton has a unique opportunity to take a strong stand against China ongoing genocide against Uyghur Muslims and give an example for other leading companies. This was quoted from Anadolu Agency, on Wednesday, June 16.

“Hilton must stand on the right side of history by announcing that it will cancel this project and stop any operations in the Uyghur region of China until its government ends the persecution of millions of innocent people,” Mitchell said.

Since 2007, China has been carrying out the great violations and systematic against Muslims living in Xinjiang.

The action drew criticism from several Western countries, prompting sanctions against Chinese officials and companies.

Chinese official are accused of placing Uyghurs in concentration camps that China defines as centers for re-education and training. Beijing vehemently denies violating the rights of Uyghurs. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)