US Congress Urges Government to Send Humanitarian Assistance to Palestine

US Congress (photo Quds Press)

Washington, MINA – A total of 59 members of the United States Congress urged the Government to immediately send humanitarian assistance to Palestinian refugees through the United Nations Work and Relief Agency (UNWRA).

According to them, the assistance is needed in an effort to prevent the spread of coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic in Palestinian refugee camps in the West Bank, Gaza Strip, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.

Members of Congress signed a petition letter addressed to the US Ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Kraft. Thus quoted from Quds Press on Thursday, April 30.

“With the increasing number of people infected with Covid-19, we ask that the US Government open hand to help Palestinians, including UNWRA,” the petition said.

“The pandemic has now reached Gaza, the number of cases has increased, is difficult to control and where there is a lack of resources. The number of cases in the West Bank, Lebanon, and Syria has also increased. While Jordan is experiencing an unprecedented health emergency, “the petition added.

In addition, the US Congress also stressed the importance of helping health workers as the front guard in fighting the pandemic. They are willing to put themselves in danger.

The Congress believes the US Government is financially able to help Palestinian refugees through economic assistance programs and in this case is easier because the Government does not require the enactment of additional laws. (T / RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)