Turkish Police Arrest An Al-Quran Insulter

Mugla, MINA – Turkish police arrested a former editor in chief of a media for insulting verses from the Quran. based on complaints filed by lawyer Mustafa Doğan İnal.

According to the lawyer ‘s complaint, the defendant Hakan Aygün who lives in the Mİlas Adliye district of Mugla state, was arrested on charges of hatred and blasphemy through social media, thus quoted from Turkinesia on Sunday.

On his Twitter account, Aygün wrote a series of tweets which insulted the verses of the Quran and disparaged the “National Solidarity” campaign to combat the coronavirus which is currently spreading throughout the world.

In a complaint filed with the court, “Hakan Aygün insulted verses from the Quran in a country where the majority of the population is Muslim, in an effort to distort these religious milestones and laugh at the beliefs of Muslims living in them, by manipulating the verses from the Quran and change its meaning from through the use of word and letter games”.

“Aygün has done a very bad act, by mocking the beliefs and values ​​of people, and this is a crime of hatred against the whole community and is a threat to the security and peace of society, because Islam is the main source of trust of the majority of Turkish people,” added the indictment.

A statement issued by Mugla state in western Turkey states that “According to Article 216 of the Turkish Penal Code, citizens’ feelings and beliefs must be protected, while safeguarding their personal freedom and expressing their opinions on all matters, but this is a crime against society and religious values and the law cannot protect it”.

“Aygun was charged with Articles 125 and 126 of the Turkish Penal Code, for incitement to hatred and contempt of religion, and put him in prison while awaiting the conclusion of an investigation,” the court said in the city. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)