Sudanese Military to Hand Over Power on August 18th

Sudanese military (photo:special)

Khartoum, MINA – The Sudanese military expressed its readiness to hand over power on August 18 to the joint Civil-Military Council (CMC). They will lead 39 months of transition.

Sudanese military authorities will start taking practical steps to hand over power to the transitional government after resolving more than four months of disputes with civilian opposition since the ouster of former president Omar Al-Bashir amid widespread street protests on April 11.

A document released by the MEE states that Sovereignty Council will be formed on August 18, the prime minister appointed on August 20 and the cabinet will be formed on August 28.

At a ceremony in Khartoum, African Union mediator, Mohamed Hassan Lebatt said the final agreement would be officially signed on August 17 with leaders from neighboring countries and other high-ranking officials present.

Deputy Chairman of the Military Council, Mohamed Hamdan Daglo, confirmed TMC’s commitment to the implementation of agreement.

“In this historic moment, we confirm our commitment to the implementation of this declaration,” he said.

The leader of Sudanese Congress Party, Omar al-Digiar, said the main task of transition period was to hold accountable for killings of demonstrators and carry out a national peace process in conflicting areas.

A constitutional declaration will establish rules and laws for the transition period, after which there will be general elections and ratification of the permanent constitution.

This declaration will resolve many areas of dispute, including placing soldiers, Quick Support Forces (RSF) militias and security organizations under the Sovereign Council.

According to the document, the council will be formed of 11 members, including five civilians and five from the military, while one other member will be approved by both parties. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MNA)