Since Childhood, Prophet Muhammad Preserved from Sin

Allah chose the Prophet Muhammad as the closing of the prophets, who perfected the previous teachings. Therefore, Allah brings forth good and praiseworthy qualities in the end-time prophet.

In fact, since childhood, Muhammad was awake from disobedience. Dr. Nizar Abazhah in his book entitled “Muhammad’s Person” states, that the Messenger of Allah was spared from all sins, both large and small. Muhammad carried out all of Allah’s commands and did not break them. Thus quoted from on Sunday, January 12.

His morality is so awake from bad qualities. The Holy Prophet himself stressed the preservation of morals and behavior during the period of ignorance.

“Since I was a child, I hated idols, hated poetry (poetry), and never did anything that the Jahiliyah did. Only two acts of Jahiliyah I have ever done, but then Lord guarded me from both and I did not repeat it again.”

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The biography of Holy Prophet mentioned the two acts of ignorance, they were when at night he was about to witness the party of the people of Mecca, but Allah made him sleep and woke up because of the hot sun in the next day.

The Prophet Muhammad also never came into contact with sin regarding women when other young men used to engage in illicit relations. Because in the period of ignorance, the people of Macca at that time worshiped statues everywhere, people performed tawaf without clothes, liked to get drunk, and many other vices. However, young Muhammad did not follow the habits of the people around him.

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In addition, the Holy Prophet was also protected from the temptations of Shaytan. In fact, the hadith says that all humans are sometimes not free from the temptations of Satan. The Holy Prophet said, “None of you is accompanied by jinn and angels.”

“Including you O Messenger of Allah?” Asked a friend. “Yes, including me. It’s just that Allah helped me so that he embraced Islam and didn’t tell me except to be kind.” (HR. Muslim)

During his life, the Prophet was also awake from the evil of humans who wanted to kill him. None of the infidels or hypocrites managed to kill the prophet.

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In Sirah Ibn Hisham, al-Shifa, and other biography of the Prophet explained how the Quraysh tried in every way to kill the Prophet in Mecca, to the conspiracy of the hypocrites to throw the Prophet from the hill after returning from the Tabuk War. However, all evil plans that failed. Allah protected Muhammad until his apostolic mission was completed when he died after experiencing illness. (AT/RE1)

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