Saudi Arabia Appoints Sheikh Al-Issa to Deliver Arafah Sermon

Makkah, MINA – The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia appointed Dr. Shaykh Muhammad Al-Issa, member of the Saudi Council of Senior Scholars and Secretary General of the Muslim World League (MWL), to lead the prayer and deliver the sermon at the Namirah Mosque on Arafah Day, Friday, 9 Dzulhijjah, to coincide with 8 July.

The highest Saudi authorities have issued approval in this regard, the emirate of Makkah said in a statement on its official Twitter account. Saudi Gazette reported it on Tuesday (July 5).

Sheikh Al-Issa is widely recognized as a moderate cleric, who is committed to bringing global awareness to the true message and interfaith cooperation among all people.

The former Saudi Arabian justice minister is known for his calls on Muslim communities in non-Islamic countries to respect the constitution, laws and culture of the countries in which they live.

At the academic level, Dr. Al-Issa specializes in Islamic Sharia as well as constitutional and administrative law.

He wrote a number of books and published articles on sharia, law, and many intellectual issues.

He has also taught sharia and law at several Saudi universities, mentored many doctoral and master’s theses, and lectured at international intellectual institutions and universities in several countries around the world. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)