Rafah, 5 Ramadan 1434 / 13 July 2013 (MINA) – Gaza-Egyptian border crossing which was closed in recent days due to the crisis in Egypt now is reopened, but Egyptian military  limits an exit-entry for Gaza residents to cross the border every day.

      “During the era of spresident Muhammad Mursi , about  1,000 people cross the Rafah border every day, but now they only allow about 200 people,” Palestinian border official told Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)’ correspondent,  Fri day (12/7).

      The Palestinian source who asked not to be named, said, Rafah gate which has been opened again since three days ago tighten for people who do not have a passport, but not for Gaza people.

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      The official also said that, during the fasting month  (Ramadan)  Rafah border opens from 10:30 am to 3:30 pm local time.

       Since Egyptian conflict due to a military coup led by Abdul Fattah As-Sisi  against President Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday (3/7), the Rafah border was totally closed.  It  made  1,4 million Palestinians living in Gaza and surroundings get the crisis in farious aspects due to Israeli blockade from all directions. They just depend on Rafah border crossing out of Gaza to fulfill their daily needs.

        Moreover, based on the results of MINA’s  investigation in the Gaza Strip it was reported on July 5, 2013 almost the entire tunnels was closed by Egyptian army.


       The day before, a spokesman for Fuel Oil Company in Gaza, Muhammad Abadillah said, since 10 days ago Gaza Strip suffered serious crisis of  fuel. It is because the supplies from Egypt could not get in due to the closing of Rafah border crossing.

        In addition, the Ministry of Education in Gaza said on Tuesday (9/7) 39 schools construction in Gaza Strip halted due to the tunnels closure.

        In order to overcome the crisis, the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip is demanding Egypt’s military to reopen the Rafah border crossing, so the people from Gaza can go out and back especially to meet their basic needs. (L/K1/P03/P04/E1)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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