Palestinian Teenagers Play Skateboard in the Israeli Occupied Jerusalem Area

Jerusalem, MINA – From the narrow alleys of the old city of Jerusalem, Palestinian teenagers also use their time to skateboard.

The period of lockdown the city by the Israeli authority due to Covid-19 for six weeks, making them join their friends to eliminate boredom.

“During lockdown due to coronavirus, we couldn’t go out and slide or do anything,” said Baha’Shweiki (17), from the al-Turi neighborhood. As reported by Al Arabiya.

“We have been waiting every day to get chance to go out,” he added.

With little training and little space in East Jerusalem, most learned their skills from YouTube.

Even though they had to fall several times during practice, they continued to play.

They are mostly boys with a few girls, crossing to West Jerusalem to train in a park that Israel has built specifically for skateboarding.

“We see people skateboarding, so we want to do it too, as well as to increase our skills,” said Shweiki. (T/Hju/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)