Palestine Withdrawal Oslo Agreement with Israel and the US

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (Photo: Anadolu)

Ramallah, MINA – Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Tuesday announced the withdrawal from the Oslo agreement and obligations with the Israeli and the US governments.

Abbas delivered in a speech broadcast on local television, after a meeting of Palestinian leaders in Ramallah, responding to Israel’s threat to annex large portions of occupied Palestinian territory in 1967.

“From now, on the occupying power must assume all responsibility for the occupied Palestinian state and its consequences in accordance with international law, especially the Geneva Conventions,” Abbas said as quoted from Quds Press.

In another part, he also renewed his commitment to resolve conflicts based on a two-state solution. But only on condition that negotiations are sponsored internationally and are not limited to the United States.

Abbas decided to complete the signing of Palestine to various international organizations and agreements.

He blamed the US government as “responsible for the oppression of the Palestinian people, because as a partner with the Israeli occupation of its colonial design.”

“The Palestinian Authority will continue to pursue Israeli leaders in international courts,” he said.

Abbas said that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech in the Israeli parliament (Knesset) recently after being legalized as PM again, did not include commitments to the Oslo agreement signed earlier.

He stressed that Israel’s annexation of the occupied Palestinian territories was the same as canceling the Oslo agreement, and said that the concept of Deal of the Century is the basis for Israel’s annexation decision.

Abbas stressed that “the PLO is in a position of agreement and obligation with the Israeli and US governments.”

On Sunday, Netanyahu told the Knesset in the oath of his new cabinet minister, that it is time to annex settlements in the West Bank.

Palestinian estimates that annexation will reach more than 30 percent of the West Bank. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)