Over 28.000 Jews Immigrated to Palestine in 2017

Photo: PIC

Occuppied Jerusalem, MINA – About 28,651 Jewish people emigrated from different countries to settle in Palestine during 2017, according to the Hebrew newspaper, Israeli Hayom.

Around 7,046 of those settlers are from Russia, 6,881 from Ukraine, 3,356 from France, 3,314 from US and the rest from other countries, PIC reported.

These numbers are based on information released by the Israeli ministry of immigrant absorption.

Israeli minister of immigrant absorption Sofa Landver recently described immigration of Jews as a strategic asset for Israel, and pledged to do her best to increase the budget of her ministry to bring more of them to live in [illegal] settlements.

“The more resources we can invest in encouraging and promoting immigration and absorption, the stronger Israel will be,” she said. (T/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)