Online Citizenship Services Provides at Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah

Jeddah, MINA — Indonesian Directorate General of Administration (DG AHU) Ministry of Law and Human Rights conducted an online citizenship service innovation socialization in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Electronic Citizenship Administration System (SAKE) service was introduced to the ranks of staff within the Republic of Indonesia Consulate General (KJRI) on Sunday, according to a press statement received by MINA.

According to Kartiko Nurintias, Director of State Administration of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, this application can facilitate access and provide service certainty for who want to apply for the citizenship.

SAKE application, added Kartiko, provides six types of services, namely: submitting a request for a statement to choose the citizenship of Indonesia for children with dual citizenship, application to become a permanent Indonesian citizen.

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In addition, the request to regain the citizenship of Indonesia, an application for a certificate of loss of citizenship of Indonesia, an application for the loss of citizenship of Indonesia on its own request to President, and a report of losing citizenship by itself.

Kartiko also explained the presence of this application is also to protect applicants from brokering practices and stated that all data requested through this application guaranteed the level of security by using a QR barcode system.

“We need an effective and fast bureaucracy, with changing commitments that were not worthy of being good and getting better,” he said.

In addition to the Director of State Administration, there is also a guest speaker on the occasion, Director of Information Technology, Sarno Wijaya, who explained that the background of the creation of online-based service applications is in line with government efforts towards E-Government.

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Sarno then explained at a glance the steps for submitting a request for services from the beginning to the end.

He hopes the presence of this system can reduce the burden on the people who need citizenship documents.

Acting Consul General (Consul General) of the Republic of Indonesia Jeddah, Safaat Ghofur, appreciates the steps taken by the Directorate General of AHU in facilitating online citizenship services. He considers this application would greatly assist the consular task at the Indonesian Consulate General in Jeddah.

“This is a new breakthrough from the Directorate General of AHU which has succeeded in presenting service applications. God willing, this application will further facilitate our tasks, especially in the consular field, “said Safaat. (T/Sj/RS5)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)