New Halal Meat Shop Opened in Blackburn

Blackburn, MINA – A new halal butcher shop offering home delivery has opened in Top Bank, Blackburn, England. Blackburn Halal Meat is located opposite the St Wilfrid school. Nearby, other shops are lined, including Ocean Chippy and Smak Polski.

The new halal butcher shop will be the first in the area. The shop owners are named Mohammed Imran and Yasir Mahmood.

“We are very pleased to launch our new butcher shop. Previously, a similar shop did not exist in this area and we hope the local population will support us as much as possible,” said Mohammed Imran, quoted in the Lancashire Telegraph on Wednesday.

The idea of ​​sending groceries home emerged because of the lockdown policy set by the government. Many people cannot or do not want to leave their homes for whatever reason.

With these conditions, people nowadays choose to order the food ingredients they want to be delivered directly. The shop owner was happy to send it to their home.

Imran said most residents know what they will do in the weekly shop. Meanwhile, he wants people to visit his shop in person. The home delivery option is an additional service offered to customers.

These butchers have installed state-of-the-art refrigerators. According to Yasir, the refrigerator is a little different from what people see in other stores.

“Our refrigerator has an LED display and a special cooling system. The entire shop has been renovated and the inside is completely new. We are proud to help rejuvenate the area,” he said.

The line of shops in the area has become very popular in recent years. He also made sure that there were some really good shops there.

“There are a lot of people who enter and leave after work. We hope they will stop by to buy their weekly ingredients from our shop,” he continued.

Despite the downturn from a business perspective, the two men believe small businesses serving different parts of the community are making a big difference to their city. It must do something good. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)