Israel Releases Palestinian Activist Muna Al-Kurd

Photo: special

Jerusalem, MINA – Israeli police released a Palestinian activist Muna Al-Kurd hours after detaining her in East Jerusalem on Sunday, Republika reported.

Israeli forces detained Muna al-Kurd, 23, in a raid on her home in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, taking her to an unknown destination on Sunday. Muna’s father, Nabil al-Kurd, confirmed the detention of his daughter by Israeli forces.

“Police are also looking for my son Mohammed, who was detained last month,” he said.

Sources close to the al-Kurd family said Mohammed had turned himself in to Israeli police, hours after his sister’s arrest. Hours later, Muna’s lawyer, Nasir al-Awda, said he was released from the al-Masqubiyya detention center in West Jerusalem. It is still unclear what caused the arrest of the two Palestinian activists.

There was no comment from the Israeli police on the report.

Muna al-Kurd, a communications and journalism scholar, is one of 27 Palestinian families facing the threat of eviction in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood. She is one of the Palestinian women leading protests against Israel’s forced evictions and threats of displacement in Sheikh Jarrah. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)