Israel Rejects ICC to Investigate War Crimes in Palestine

Tel Aviv, MINA – Israel said it would formally reject the decision of the International Criminal Court (ICC) to conduct an investigation into alleged war crimes in the Palestinian territories. Anadolu Agency reported.

Israel said the ICC did not have the jurisdiction to carry out such a thing.

“Apart from completely rejecting the claim that Israel committed war crimes, Israel reiterates its firm position that the Hague Court does not have the authority to open an investigation into it,” the Israeli Government said in a statement, detailing the letter it plans to send to the ICC courts. Thus quoted from Al -Awsat on Sunday.

Israel insists it is committed to the rule of law and will continue to investigate any allegations against it, regardless of source.

“Israel expects the court to refrain from violating its authority and sovereignty,” the statement said.

Israel could ask the ICC tribunal for adjournment if it was really investigating the perpetrators of the alleged war crimes.

In early March, ICC Prosecutor Fatou Bensouda revealed that his party would open an official investigation into the alleged war crimes that occurred in the Palestinian territories. Apart from Israel, Palestinian resistance groups will also be investigated.

Bensouda said the decision to open an investigation was taken after a preliminary examination by his office for nearly five years.

“During that period, and in accordance with our normal practice, the office (of the ICC prosecutor) engaged with various stakeholders, including in regular and productive meetings with the respective representatives of the Palestinian and Israeli Governments,” he said on March 3.

Bensouda promised that the investigation would be carried out independently, impartially and objectively.

“We have no agenda other than to fulfill our legal obligations under the Rome Statute with professional integrity,” the statement said.

In December 2019, Bensouda stated that war crimes have occurred or are occurring in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. It said Israeli defense forces and Palestinian armed groups such as Hamas were potential perpetrators of the crime. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)