Israel Knocks Down Civilian Structures in Jordan Valley

Nablus, 8 Muharram 1438/9 October 2016 (MINA) – The Israeli occupation army on early Sunday morning knocked down Palestinian civilian structures in the occupied northern Jordan Valley.

Activist Mootaz Besharat, in charge of the settlement file in the Jordan Valley, said a flock of ten Israeli military patrols and four army jeeps rolled into al-Ras al-Ahmar area and imposed a tight security cordon before they carried out large-scale demolitions.

A chain of residential barracks and others for raising livestock, along with a water line used by over eight Palestinian families, were destroyed in the process, The Palestinian Information Center (PIC) reported.

The occupation soldiers forced the native Palestinian inhabitants out and prevented them to come close to the demolition scene.


According to observers, the demolitions make part of an Israeli scheme of ethnic cleansing against the Palestinian natives of the Jordan Valley.

The Israeli occupation authorities have often come down heavily on the Palestinians living in the area, subjecting them to forced dislocation in an attempt to exploit the area’s abundant natural resources.(T/P008/R07)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)