Jerusalem, 18 Jumadil Awwal 1434/30 March 2013 (MINA) – The Israeli occupation has destroyed at least 1,124 Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem area. They also expelled the entire households without any compensation given.

It was disclosed by the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics (PCBS) in a press conference and his official website on Thursday (28/3), in order to welcome the World Land Day on every March 30.

Since 2000, the organization began working and recording violations committed by the Israeli occupation to Palestinian land, especially in East Jerusalem. PCBS also reported that the Israeli government complicated to provide the establishment and renovation of building permits for residents of Jerusalem who are still persisting in the region.

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The same report also revealed by Al-Maqdisi Institute. The agency reported that from 2000 to 2012, as many as 1124 homes and buildings were destroyed in East Jerusalem (an annexed area of Israeli occupation since 1967). It has resulted population displacement as many as 4966 people, including 2586 children and 1311 women.

The total ammount of losses from the destruction of Palestinian buildings in East Jerusalem up to now are more than three million dollars.


UN human rights organizations based in Israel also reported that the Israeli government has destroyed at least 25,000 Palestinians houses since 1967. The agency also noted that in 2009, there were 49 cases of house demolitions and the expulsion of its residents in East Jerusalem. Whereas in 2010 this number increased to 70 cases. 20 cases in 2011 and 14 cases in 2012.

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PCBS explained at this time Israel has controlled more than 85% of the land in East Jarussalem.

UN human rights organizations condemned the ongoing houses destruction of Palestinians by Zionist Israel. It was clearly a violation of international law, and Amnesty International stated that the Israeli government actually seized properties  belongs to Palestinians than later, they  used it to expand their settlements.

Jerusalem which is known as Al-Quds composed of central and eastern Jerusalem.  It is a holy city of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. The city is claimed as the capital of Israel, although it is not recognized by international community because it is a part of Palestinian land. Right now, the city is controlled by Israeli occupation. The elite Israel considers this holy city is part of the country and it is a form of Zionism ideology among the countries that have diplomatic relations with Israel, only Costa Rica and El savador are putting their embassies in Jerusalem. (T/P04/P03)

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