Islamic Awqaf Calls for Muslim Community to Remain Worship at Al Aqsa Mosque

Jerusalem, MINA – Sheikh Najeh Bikirat, Deputy Director General of the Islamic Awqaf in Jerusalem emphasizes the importance of keeping the gates of the Aqsa Mosque open to Muslim worshipers to prevent Israeli occupation authorities’ attempts to change the status quo at the holy site.

Syekh Bikirat called for necessary to preserve the Islamic roots and identity of the Aqsa Mosque through project implementation and intensification of the presence of Muslims there, Palinfo reported.

He described the Aqsa Mosque as “the cornerstone of the Palestinian, Arab and Islamic identity” and “the cornerstone of Jerusalem, the eternal capital of Palestine.”

He warned that the Israeli occupation was trying to change the mosque, dome and its structure and achieve his dream of building the alleged temple.

In a related context, the Islamic Awqaf Department in Jerusalem decided not to close the Aqsa Mosque after the Israeli occupation authority announced its intention to allow Jewish settlers to desecrate Islamic holy sites during weeks of lockdown as part of its intended anti-coronavirus measures.

“After we learned of the occupation authorities’ intention to open the Al-Maghariba Gate for settlers to pollute the mosque, we decided to keep the Aqsa door open [for Muslim worshipers],” Awqaf Islam said.

He urged Muslim worshipers to frequent the mosque while still implementing health protocols. (T/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)