Indonesian Volunteers Plant 1,000 Olive Trees in Gaza

Gaza, MINA – Volunteers for the construction of Indonesian Hospital in Gaza have gradually planted 1,000 olive trees as donations for people in Gaza, Palestine.

Site Manager for the Construction of the Indonesian Hospital in Gaza, Ir. Edy Wahyudi told MINA that the olive trees are a gift for the Palestinian people in Gaza. The territory has been blockaded for 13 years by the Israeli Occupation.

Edy also said that at this initial stage 33 olive trees had been planted in a garden owned by a martyr orphan in Jabalia, North Gaza.

The Volunteers from Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding Schools throughout Indonesia are carrying out the construction of the second phase of the Indonesian Hospital which is initiated by the humanitarian organization MER-C.

The olive trees are donation from the volunteers of the Phase Two Hospital of Indonesia, with 12 Syeikel per tree.

Abdurrahman, one of the volunteers at the Indonesian Hospital added the choice of olive tree is because it is a blessed tree.

“Researchers say it takes 4 years for an olive tree to offer its fruit, after which it will continue to bear fruit for thousands of years. From the economic review, Zaitun can also raise the economy of the land of Syam, especially Palestine,” he said.

The volunteers hope that the Olive Tree Waqf Program can be part of the struggle for Palestinian independence and the return of Al-Aqsa to the hands of Muslims. As well as the rewards that continue to flow to donors, as long as the tree is useful. (L/R7/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)