Indonesian Ministry of Education Launches Logo of “Merdeka Campus”

Jakarta, MINA – The Directorate General of Higher Education of Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture launches the logo of “Merdeka Campus Indonesia Jaya”.

“I appreciate the tertiary institutions, the chancellors who have embraced the spirit of the Merdeka Campus with various programs, starting from perfecting the curriculum, preparing programs and implementing these programs,” said Director General of Higher Education, Kemendikbud, Nizam at the launch of Logo’s Merdeka Campus Indonesia Jaya virtually on Monday.

The Independent Campus Policy issued by the Minister of Education and Culture Nadiem Makarim in early 2020 is expected to accelerate innovation in the field of higher education.

One of the main policies of the Independent Campus is the independence of students to take courses outside the study program and to change the definition of Semester Credit Units (SKS).

“So we have to free up the narrow spaces that we have built so far through study programs, faculties and departments with very high walls, making it very difficult to cross from one department to another. The spirit to liberate scientific space which actually has no real boundaries is the spirit of an independent campus, “he said.

According to him, with the rapid advancement of technology, the spirit of the Independent Campus can penetrate the walls of science.

He also mentioned that one implementation of the They Learn campus, the Directorate General of Higher Education had discussed with many diasporas and formed a consortium with 5 State Universities to exchange students. In addition, Nizam has also discussed with the Ambassador of UK and Timor Leste.

“So now, this independent campus has gone global. We also had discussions with the UK ambassador to discuss cooperation in implementing an independent campus. So this independent campus has become a world trending topic, “he explained.

In the era of disruption 4.0, the challenges ahead are very complex. Estimating what conditions will be in the future, designing or preparing competencies for tomorrow, is very difficult, because the world is very different from today.

“Because the world we face tomorrow is not the same as the world we face today, what we are facing now is different from 4 months ago. Like this pandemic, we take a policy, the virus mutates to b, we take b policy, it changes to c. The change is very fast, ”he added.

Nizam hopes that the existence of an Independent Campus by liberating students in learning, liberating the campus will facilitate interaction from one department to another, so that students are equipped to prepare for the future.

“How to create tomorrow? By opening a campus with the world of work, we marry the real world. Together, we create tomorrow, create future jobs, create industry in the future, create society in the future, “he explained.

He added that there is a need to synergize universities with the industrial world, government and society to create a future. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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