Indonesian Madrasah Students Win Gold Medal at International Invention Festival

Batu MTsN students are presenting the results of their scientific research in the International Invention Festival (I3F) 2019 in Malang April 2019 (Ministry of Religion)

Malang, MINA – As four students of Batu Madrasah Tsanawiyah Negeri (MTsN), East Java, won gold medal in Youth Scientific Writing Competition (KIR), 2019 Indonesia International Invention Festival (I3F) which took place at Ma Chung University,Malang City, East Java, Sunday.

The competition was attended by 80 teams from three continents, namely Asia, Africa and Europe.

The four Indonesian students were Azizah Alif Habibillah, Selvin Ceria Mita Ramadhan, Rosiana Fitri Fadilah, and Aprilia Nanda Indri Rosita.

“Thank to Allah, this is a good achievement from our children,” explained by Head of MTsN Batu, Siti Hamidah, Monday, as quoted from

Hamidah said that the four MTsN Batu students raised scientific writing with the title “Optimization of the Papain Enzyme in Papaya. Instead of The Rennet Enzym in Making Mozarella Cheese,”.

The theme discusses an enzyme obtained from papaya sap to replace rennet enzyme in making mozzarella cheese.

During this time, rennet enzymes are usually taken from the intestines of mammals (mammals). In making cheese, the enzyme works in the process of clotting milk (separating solid and liquid parts) from making mozzarella cheese.

At present, the number of enzymes in the intestines of mammals decreases. “Alhamdulillah, the research of Batu MTsN students discovered enzyme papain from sap of papaya fruit,” he said.

KIR Trustee of MTsN Batu, Sariyah, said that this achievement was very proud. Because the I3F event was attended by 80 teams from 3 continents, Asia, Europe and Africa.

Sari added that the presence of enzyme papain can be used as an alternative, because it has same function as rennet enzyme. In fact, it has advantage of being considered more lawful because it is taken from natural materials, unlike rennet enzyme which is very possible to be taken from mammals that should not be eaten by Muslims.

“Our product is called MOBA (Mozarella Batu). This product is supported by natural resources in Batu City, so it is very possible for our products to be realized, “he said.

The number of achievements in the field of scientific work were also successfully achieved by students of Batu MTsN. In 2018, for example, MTsN Batu students received gold medals in Bali and bronze in Surabaya at competition for youth scientific work. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)