Indonesian Army Recruits Hijabers to Be Army Pilots

Semarang, MINA – For the first time in history, the Indonesian Army has three female pilots who are all Muslim women wearing hijab.

The Army Aviation Education Center (Pusdik Penerbad) began this year to train second lieutenant Feny Avisha, second lieutenant Tri Ramadhani, and second lieutenant Puspita Ladiba to become aviator pioneers of the Army Women’s Corps (Kowad), MINA reported, citing Jawa Pos.

All three are alumni of Akademi Milliter (Akmil) 2017 was elected to be part of big family of Penerbad.

Of the 16 female cadets who passed Akmil last year, only three of them survived from tight selection.

Since the first time studied at the headquarters Pusdik Aviator in Semarang, Central Java (Central Java) has been half a year they studied flying.

“When there is (the opportunity to be) the first female pilot (TNI AD), I intend to be part of history in the Army,” Puspita told Sahrul Yunizar, a journalist from Jawa Pos who interviewed her on Friday (20/7).

The three revealed, the determination as a soldier who became the pioneer of aviator in the Army is one of the drivers they keep the spirit of practice though not easy.

“The average hour of our flight is 40 hours,” said Tri Ramadhani.

All three will be referrals of other aviator fighter. “If my own first generation can not, what about next. So, my mindset, I should be able to, “he said.

Commander of Pusdik Penerbad Colonel Catur Puji Santoso revealed that currently all three are still at the basic stage of training to become an aviator of the army.

But he believes, all three can go through the whole series of exercises. Because, they are not haphazardly chosen. “Taruni is more thorough, more detailed, and more patient,” he said.

Catur also confirmed, they are prepared to manned various types of helicopters owned by the ground forces. (LT/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) 

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