Indonesia: Saudi Announcement About Hajj Expected to End the Polemic

Jakarta, MINA – The Minister of Religion of the Republic of Indonesia hopes that Saudi Arabia’s decision on the hajj will end the polemic or hoax information after the announcement of the cancellation of the departure of Indonesian pilgrims on June 3.

The Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday announced that the 1442 H/2021 M Hajj scheme is only for Saudi citizens and foreigners (expatriates) currently living there.

Saudi Arabia will only accept 60,000 citizens and residents to perform the pilgrimage this year while closing the door to pilgrims from abroad.

“Only 60,000 people from all countries residing in Saudi Arabia are allowed to perform Hajj due to the coronavirus pandemic,” the Saudi Ministry of Hajj and Umrah said in a written statement.

Indonesia appreciated the Saudi Kingdom for finally conveying its decision. This is a clear guideline for Muslims all over the world, not only Indonesia, in the context of organizing the 1442 H Hajj.

“The Saudi decision is in line with the spirit of Indonesia, which wants to maintain the safety of the congregation. It is hoped that the community will comply with health protocols so that Covid will be handled immediately so that if next year the Hajj can be carried out again, we are ready,” he said.

The Minister of Religion invited all parties to take lessons from the incident. Prospective pilgrims are expected to remain patient and trustful.

“Let’s pray together that the pandemic will pass soon. Next year’s Hajj can run normally and calmly again. Innallaha ma’ana,” the Minister of Religion hoped.

“We will now focus on preparing for the Hajj 1443 H. The Indonesian government will actively and early communicate with the Saudi government to prepare for the implementation of the hajj if the pilgrimage is reopened in 2022,” he said (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)