Indonesia Reminds Australia to Fulfill Nuclear Non-Proliferation Obligations

Photo: ABC

Jakarta, MINA – Indonesia reminds Australia to fulfill its obligations as a signatory to the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty (NPT).

The NPT is an agreement that aims to limit the possession of nuclear weapons with three main pillars consisting of nuclear disarmament, non-proliferation (banning the spread of weapons), and the use of nuclear materials for peaceful purposes.

Indonesia is responding to Australia’s plan to acquire a nuclear submarine fleet following the formation of a trilateral defense pact with the US and UK. Thus, it is quoted from Anadolu Agency on Saturday.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it was very concerned about the ongoing arms race and projection of military power in the region.

“Indonesia encourages Australia to continue to fulfill its obligations to maintain peace, stability and security in the region in accordance with the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation,” the Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

Indonesia at the same time encourages Australia and other related parties to continue promoting dialogue in resolving differences.

“In this regard, Indonesia emphasizes the importance of respecting international law, including the 1982 UNCLOS in maintaining peace and security in the region,” said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs added that Indonesia was watching Australia’s decision to have the nuclear-powered submarine very carefully.

The trilateral defense pact was formed amid China’s growing influence in the Indo-Pacific.

In a joint press conference, each country’s leaders announced the formation of AUKUS.

They also announced that the Australian fleet, which has not yet been created, would be powered by nuclear reactors and would be armed with conventional munitions.

“Let me be clear: Australia is not seeking to acquire nuclear weapons, or build a civilian nuclear capability, and we will continue to meet all of our nuclear non-proliferation obligations,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at a virtual press conference with US President Joe Biden and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)