Humans are “Ajuula” (By: Shamsi Ali)

Photo: Rachel Martin / Unsplash

By Shamsi Ali: President of the Nusantara Foundation

The Quran gives a complete description of who a human being is. One description of humans in the Quran is that humans with all their strengths have weaknesses. From humans who are limited, weak, complaining, quick to blame, self praising, and others.

One of the weaknesses of humans in the midst of their strengths and glory is that they have a rush in everything. The nature or character of this rush in the Quran is called “ajuula”. As He said: “wa kaanal insaanu ajuula”.

And one of the haste of humans is humans often in a hurry in drawing conclusions or tend to be quick judgmental. Hurriedly, judging something or someone else, even himself. In fact, it’s not uncommon to judge God for a reason.

The rush to draw conclusions is also known as panic. This panic attitude is more driven by a sense of worry or excessive worry (over worried) about something.

Generally, this “over worries” occurs because humans do not have a solid and certain grip in their lives. In the eyes of faith, the definite and solid grip is “al-iman billah” (sincere belief in God, the Controller of the universe).

Such a grip in the Quran language is more popular with the term “al-Urwatul Wutsqo”. As Allah mentioned in His word in Surah Al-Baqarah verse 226: “faman yakfur bitthoghuut wa yu’min billah faqadistamsaka bil-urwatil wutsqo”

As long as humans still lose this grip and are grounded in uncertain footing, and besides God is certainly uncertain, humans will be adrift in confusion (confused). This is where they will fall into the behavior of “ajuula” (in a hurry in judgmental) earlier.

In the midst of the current outbreak of Covid 19, a global pandemic with an “beyond comprehension” spread makes many people “ajuula”. It is seen in human behavior in almost all aspects of life.

Starting from the perception that is awakened, with the help of an open media, this coronavirus is very tense. Humans become frightened so much that his life seemed to be shadowed by the threat of death before his eyes. Even though death is indeed before everyone’s eyes.

Many later fell ill, not because of corona, but rather to excessive fear. As a result, lifestyle becomes abnormal. Including insomnia for example. As a result, the body’s immune system becomes rapidly drastically and therefore easily falls ill. Including easily infected by signs of corona, including coughing, phlegm, and even fever.

Excessive fear also makes people quick to judge every symptom in themselves and surrounding humans as a symptom of “Covid 19”. In the city of New York, for example, it has entered spring. In this season, many residents are infected with pollen allergies. Namely, allergies caused by the regrowth of leaves and flowers.

This allergy is usually characterized by itching in the eyes, nose, throat, and others. Urgence in judging results in not infrequently people who cough or have their nose pinched due to allergies, which are immediately concluded as victims of the coronavirus. There was concern over that concern.

What’s worse is when humans quickly judge others as corona patients simply because of their race or ethnicity. In some Western countries, including America, today Asians, especially China, are being targeted by “racism” due to this corona.

I remember after 9/11 in 2001. How Americans and Westerners are generally quick to judge Muslims as terrorists. Once a person is known as a Muslim, maybe because of his greetings, or because of his clothes, the people around him will feel anxiety and fear.

In the past, ordinary Muslims were shouted at like “Bin Laden” or “terrorists”. Today Asians, especially Chinese, are shouted at “Corona, Corona”.

Imagine, Corona has now replaced Islam as a global threat. Now, everyone sees that corona has become a frightening global threat.

Therefore, for me, it’s time we will once again present Islam as an alternative solution. Because it is true that Islam must be a solution in the midst of human confusion.

When humans are just talking about how to avoid corona transmission. Islam has long since been conveyed, even has made it as a handle of everyday life. One of them is that Muslims wash their hands, face, nose, etc. at least 5 times a day and a night.

Even more important, maintaining cleanliness is indeed part of our faith. Just whether this people are aware of their religion. Religion is nothing more than a proud slogan at certain times.

That is a real challenge for this Ummah. Hopefully! (AT/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)