How Palestine and Israel Fight Against Coronavirus

Jerusalem, MINA – Palestine and Israel have always been in conflict and never got along. But it was different when they faced coronavirus (Covid-19).

Palestinians and Israelis show “unity and cohesiveness” when fighting the virus originating from Wuhan City, China, this quoted from NuOnline on Wednesday, March 25.

For example, Israel provides temporary housing for around 70 thousand Palestinian workers, after the West Bank border was previously closed to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

An official at the Israeli Construction Workers’ Association, Shay Pauzner, said four thousand construction companies had coordinated with the Israeli Hotel Association regarding the temporary housing for the 12 thousand Palestinian workers.

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The companies also prepared empty apartments for 28 thousand Palestinian construction workers. “Palestinian workers are the backbone of Israeli construction. Without them, we don’t work. The industry will stop, “Pauzner said.

Then, on Sunday, Gaza authorities, Palestine reported the first two cases of the corona virus (Covid-19) in the region. Both are citizens of Palestinian state that has just traveled to Pakistan.

The two patients are men aged 30-40 years and the condition is reported to be stable, and facing that, Israel and Hamas, an Islamic group fighting for Palestinian independence, are moving to fight the corona virus in Gaza.

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Israel sent hundreeds of Covid-19 tests this week, while Hamas is building up to a thousand new isolation spaces, Israel is also increasingly tightening access to and from Gaza.

Gaza ia currently isolating 2,700 citizens in their own homes, most of them have just returned from Egypt. Gaza is a Palestinian territory that has been blocked by Israel since 2007, when the Hamas controls the coastal strip. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)