Happy When Breaking the Fast, Success Controls Lust in the Soul

By: Ustadz Ali Farkhan Tsani, Journalist of MINA

How happy the fasting person is, when it is time for Maghrib call to prayer, time to break the fast.

Weakness all day, thirst in the throat, immediately disappeared. Various drinks and food came ahead.

Especially when breaking fast with family, colleagues, or worshipers at the mosque. Smiles expand, greeting each other and moments of familiarity add happiness.

And indeed, for those who fast, there will be two joys. Namely, joy when breaking the fast, and later joy when receiving a reward from Allah, the Most Merciful.

As mentioned in the hadith, Rasulullah Shallallahu ‘Alaihi Wasallam said:

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لِلصَّائِمِ فَرْحَتَانِ: فَرْحَةٌ عِنْدَ فِطْرِهِ، وَفَرْحَةٌ عِنْدَ لِقَاءِ رَبِّهِ

This means, “People who fast will get two joys, joy when breaking their fast (day), and joy when meeting their Lord,” (HR Muslim).

Those are the two joys, the joy in this world and the joy in the hereafter.

Of course, the meaning of joy which is far more important, is the joy of being able to control lust, which resides in the soul. Success in controlling oneself from sin and disobedience.

Including the success of being able to control yourself from excessive food, and from showing off luxury.

Thus, because rich and excessive food is indeed a bribe for the appetite of the stomach. From that excess, it will lead to lust, and so on.

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Imam Al-Ghazali said, if a person is able to leave the desires of his stomach, gentleness and humility will arise in him. So, don’t eat too much, so you drink a lot, then you sleep a lot and lose a lot.

This is the opportunity for the month of Ramadan, giving us the opportunity to fast, refrain from eating, drinking and things that cancel. And refrain from all lust to sin and disobedience.

Hopefully, fasting in Ramadan can lead us to become pious human beings, who are able to control ourselves from all sins. Amen. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)