Hamas Ready to Cooperate with Fatah to Resist Israel’s Annexation

Gaza, MINA – The Deputy Chief of Political Bureau of Hamas Islamic Resistance Movement, Saleh Al-Arouri, said that his movement is ready to cooperate with Fatah movement and the Palestinian Authority, to resist Israel’s annexation project, by passing all differences between them.

Al-Arouri said in a television interview broadcast by the Al-Aqsa satellite channel on Monday and published by the movement’s website.

Al-Arouri added that his movement would take all means to confront the Israeli annexation project on Palestinian land in the West Bank.

“We have prepared all the troops to carry out a consensus on a joint national program facing the occupation annexation project,” he said.

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He added his movement supported the political and diplomatic efforts carried out by the Palestinian Authority and the PLO to deal with the annexation process.

“But we are counting on an increasing mass movement, which is turning into a people’s revolution against occupation everywhere, more than we rely on political and diplomatic movements,” he continued.

Al-Arouri called for continuing to improve the internal conditions under one roof in the PLO to represent all the Palestinian people.

He also stressed the need to continue to increase the real action of the Arabs and Muslims on the Palestinian people. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)