Google, Facebook, Twitter and Israel Collaborate on Fact Manipulation: AOHR

Illustration (photo: special)

London, MINA – The Arab Human Rights Organization (AOHR) expressed disappointment that Google, Facebook, and Twitter companies were involved in cooperation with Israeli in manipulating facts and geographic maps.

In its report, AOHR said Israel began to “colonize cyberspace” following an agreement with Facebook even though the terms of the agreement were not published but contained supervision of Palestinian and pro-Palestinian accounts throughout the world.

“Facebook is really starting to block a number of mass media and cultural fan pages and personal accounts,” AOHR said in a report quoted from the Palestinian Information Center (Palinfo) on Sunday, October 6.

The agreement is an endorsement of Israel and contradicts the basic principles of social networking itself.

Israeli Zionists who enjoyed the occupation of Palestine and continued to manipulate geography and demography began to spread their colonial wings to cyberspace.

In fact, Google is subject to manipulate Palestinian maps and remove its name from Google Maps and change Al-Quds (East Jerusalem) to become the capital of the state of Israel).

Meanwhile, Twitter also deleted a number of personal accounts of Palestinian leaders and supporters of Palestine and YouTube that Google Inc also removed a number of content that exposed Israeli crimes by claiming to provoke violence and terrorism.

AOHR report added social networking Facebook a few days ago also deleted about 30 media-based, cultural, and Palestinian-based Palestinian accounts that had thousands of “likes”.

The closures took place after the Facebook delegation arrived in Israel and met with two interior security ministers Gilad Aradon and Attorney General Eliot Shaked this September.

They discussed what they called “the phenomenon of the use of social networks for acts of provocation of terrorism”.

AOHR rate Facebook who wants security cooperation with Israel is a form of crime against the rights of Palestinian people and violates the basic principle of social networking that was established, namely building communication between nations. (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)