Gaza Ministry of Religion Plans Ramadan Agenda

Gaza, MINA – Palestinian Ministry of Religion and Waqf in Gaza has completed a plan for integrated religious activities during the Holy Month amid a situation of preventing the corona virus pandemic.

Deputy Secretary of the Ministry, Abdul Hadi Al-Agha said the decision would be taken to extend the closure of the mosque or not, based on consideration of recommendations from the health authorities. It was quoted from Quds Press on Monday, April 20.

He said if in the normal condition, then the mosques in the Gaza Strip reopened, by implementing virus prevention measures, according to instructions from the Ministry of Health and competent authorities.

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“But if the extraordinary situation continues as it is now, the ministry will prepare alternative plans, mainly dependent on electronic communication with citizens through social networking sites, including providing all Ramadan study materials.

The Ministry will launch a “soothing home” program, at the beginning of month of Ramadan In it, there is information about Ramadan, musabaqah, questions about law, and scientific studies.

“All Islamic knowledge sessions, reading and memorizing the Quran, will continue electronically during the month of Ramadan.”

He asked citizens to be patient and make sure to obey all instructions issued by the government during the month of Ramadan. (T/RE1)


Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)