Gaza Is Incurable Chronic Disease; Hamas Power Must Be Destroyed, Says Israeli Official

Photo: M Shaaban/MINA

Gaza, MINA – The former head of the “Israeli” National Security Council and former head of the southern region in the Shin Bet, Meir Ben-Shabbat, said that the Gaza Strip is like a chronic disease that cannot be completely cured, but medicines make coexistence with it possible.

In an interview with Israel Hayom newspaper, Ben-Shabbat replied to a question about the impact of the last Israeli aggression on Gaza, and if it deterred the Palestinian resistance, saying, “I don’t know who made that promise. I can honestly say that there were deep and serious discussions, and all ideas and suggestions on this matter have been thoroughly examined, but sometimes there are cases of chronic disease – similar to Gaza – in life that are not completely cured by medicines, but medicines make it possible to live with them.”

As for Meir Ben-Shabbat’s response to the question of the solution to the issue of the Gaza Strip, he said, “The real tension with Gaza from our side is the military build-up there, as well as we need to maintain calm. We want calm, but they also need this calm for the purpose of military build-up and strengthening their power.

Thus, intelligence control and security checks are very extensive on all that enters through the crossings, because a large part of these weapons are produced in Gaza itself.”

It is also necessary to work to thwart the attacks they plan to carry out, and this is by carrying out assassinations inside Gaza so that these assassinations do not leave any evidence of the involvement of “Israel” and without declaring responsibility for them.

Then, Palestinian activists there will feel that they are being pursued and threatened at any moment and may not wake up the next morning because of their involvement in the work against Israel.”

Ben Shabat continued: “Israel’s long-term goal must be that the Gaza Strip be demilitarized, and a regime that recognizes Israel and does not use violence against it.

Achieving this goal is possible in two ways, either a wide and deep military operation, and this has a high price, or by systematically destroying the Hamas regime at all levels and making the people of Gaza realize that this is a failed and corrupt regime, and that the time has come to end it. (L-K-G/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)