Former European Leader Asks EU to Reject Trump Plan

EU High Representative Federica Mogherini (right) and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu address a media conference at the EU Council building in Brussels on Monday, 11 December 2017. (AP Photo / Virginia Mayo)

London, MINA – Dozens of senior European politicians on Sunday, have called the European Union (EU) to reject US President Donald Trump’s peace plan if there is no “Palestinian State”.

The appeal also urged the EU to reaffirm its commitment to a two-state solution between Palestine and Israel, the Times of Israel reported.

The letter, published in the British Guardian newspaper, came as the US is expected to soon publish its long-awaited plan, following the election promises made by Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu to effectively annex West Bank settlements.

The letter was signed by several former prime ministers and European foreign ministers.

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It is said that the EU must continue to urge “Palestinian countries with Israel in the border based on the pre-1967 line with a mutually agreed, minimal and equal exchange of land, with Jerusalem as the capital of both countries, with security arrangements that deal with legitimate issues and respect the sovereignty of each party, and with an agreed and fair solution to the problem of Palestinian refugees. ”

Officials said that Europe “must reject any plan that does not match with this standard.” (T/Sj/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)