Ex-Ukrainian President Asks for Arms Supply and Sanctions against Russia

Kyiv, MINA – Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko appealed to the international community to supply his country with weapons and increase sanctions against Russia.

“The shortest way to peace is to supply Ukraine with weapons,” Poroshenko said, as quoted by Al Jazeera on Sunday.

“From the international community, we need three things: weapons, weapons and weapons,” he stressed.

The President of Ukraine for the 2014-2019 period also called on the international community to continue sanctions and embargo Russian products and close Ukrainian airspace to protect civilians.

Poroshenko added that the West should also completely isolate Russia and President Vladimir Putin as a way to put pressure on the war in his country to end.

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Earlier, the US President Joe Biden announced an additional US$800 million in military aid to Ukraine to counter Russian military attacks.

The military package includes artillery systems, artillery shells, armored personnel carriers and helicopters. (T/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)