Indonesian Daarul Qur’an Yogyakarta Distributes Equipment for Paramedics

Yogyakarta, MINA – Indonesian Islamic educational institution Daarul Qur’an Yogyakarta in collaboration with PT Aseli Dagadu Djokdja distributed Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for medical workers who are struggling to cope with the spread of the coronavirus or Covid-19.

This was conveyed by the Head of Marketing Communication of PT Aseli Dagadu Djokdja Haqqi Hasandalam in a written statement. “This funny t-shirt manufacturer from Yogyakarta not only cooperates with PPPA Daarul Qur’an but also collaborates with Jogja Promotional Bags to produce 2,500 PPE per month,” Haqqi.

According to him, this collaboration will support its production while the material is from Jogja’s promotional bag.

This PPE will be distributed to several clinics and private hospitals in Yogyakarta and Sumedang, West Java. “PPE was sent to several hospitals. Those are; Healthy Daqu Clinic in Magelang, Malang Healthy Daqu Clinic, Nur Hidayah DIY Hospital, DIY Nur Hidayah Clinic, and Sumedang Family Hospital,” he said.

Meanwhile, Head of PPPA Daarul Qur’an Branch in Yogyakarta, Maulana Kurnia Putra was grateful for this PPE procurement cooperation. According to him, currently, medical personnel in Yogyakarta lacked many of PPE to treat patients who are positively confirmed by covid-19.

“At present, the PPE is becoming a rare item. Therefore, we thank you to Dagadu Djokdja to work together on this social program. Hopefully, this initiative can prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Yogyakarta,” he hoped. (LT/R7/P2)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)