Cold Lava Floods in West Sumatra Kills 13 People 

BNPB reported the latest number of cold lava flood victims in Tanah Datar, Sunday, May 12 2024, at 12.00 WIB. (Photo: BNPB)

Agam, MINA – The National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) reported that the number of fatalities due to the cold lava flood disaster in Tanah Datar, Agam Regency, West Sumatra on Sunday at 12.00 WIB reached 13 people.

The joint search and rescue team is still continuing to evacuate residents affected by the cold lava following the eruption of Mount Marapi.

According to the report, the number of fatalities in this flood incident consisted of 13 people who died, seven people were reported missing, 12 people were injured and 84 heads of families were affected.

“The loss of affected infrastructure is 84 housing units affected, 16 bridges affected, two worship facilities affected, and 20 ha of rice fields affected,” wrote the BNPB statement.

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The report also stated that traffic conditions from Tanah Datar – Padang – Solok Regency were completely paralyzed. Meanwhile, the condition of the roads between villages is still paralyzed at several points and we have to look for alternative routes.

Tanah Datar Regency BPBD, assisted by the Basarnas team, Army, Police and other related elements, is still continuing to carry out emergency management, data collection and assistance for residents affected by the cold lava flood.

BNPB appealed to the people of Tanah Datar Regency who live around the riverbanks that originate at Mount Marapi to always be aware of the potential risk of additional dangers. (T/RE1/P2)

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Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)