Asian Games – OCA Confirms No Complaint Over Athletes` Accommodation Facilities


Palembang, MINA — The Olympic Council of Asia (OCA), which is the highest authority responsible for holding the Asian Games, has confirmed that no complaint has been made so far by participants who have been accommodated at “Wisma Atlet” and apartments at Jakabaring Sport City.

OCA honorary vice president Wei Jizhong said here on Monday that since yesterday he had interviewed some participants who have arrived regarding the accommodation facilities at JSC.

“They have stated that it is very comfortable,” he noted.

He added that he was relieved by the comments from athletes and officials as it is proof that his efforts in monitoring the preparations of the Asian Games facilities since July had paid off.

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He remarked that their comfort was vital as it would also measure the success of the organization of the event.

He explained that he had also tested the menu to be offered at the JSC Dining Hall. “I tested them one by one, and it was good. To me, it was decent to be served to the athletes,” he elaborated.

However, he admitted that he was yet to follow up on some notes, but stopped short of mentioning them. “I have noted 20 points, but they are all minor things which can be overcome right away today instead of waiting until the opening of the Asian Games,” he noted.

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Palembang will be the host of the 18th Asian Games, scheduled from Aug 28 to Sept 2, along with Jakarta.

A total of 14 sport branches will be held in the South Sumatran capital city, with women`s football being the first event to be hosted on Aug 16. (T/ RS5 / RS1)

Mi’raj Islamic News Agency (MINA)

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