At Least 25 Palestinians Died After Israeli Agression: Palestinian Ministry

Gaza, MINA – Palestinian Ministry of Health’s Spokesperson, Ashraf Alqadra, said there are 25 Palestinians were killed and 154 others injured by Israeli military aggression in the Gaza Strip.

It was received by MINA on Monday at 3:30 a.m. in Indonesia time or 10:30 p.m. Gaza time.

Meanwhile, media reported that Monday morning a ceasefire had been reached between Palestinian resistance factions and Israel.

Following are the names of Palestinian victims released by Palestinian Ministry of Health.

1. Imad Muhammad Nasir (22 years), in North Gaza.
2. Shaba Mahmud Abu Arar (1 year, 2 months), East Gaza.
3. Salih Abu Arar (37 years) East of Gaza.
4. Fetus Abdullah Abu Arar in the womb of his mother Solih Abu Arar, East Gaza.
5. Kholid Muhammad Abu Qaliq (25 years). North of Gaza.
6. Mahmoud Subhi I’syi (26 th) Middle Gaza.
7. Fauzi Abdul Hamid Bawadi (24 th) Middle Gaza.
8. Syahid Bilal Muhmmad Abdul Bana (29 years) Gaza.
9. Abdullah Naufal Muhammad Abul Atho ‘(21 years) Gaza.
10. Hamid Ahmad Abdul Khudri (34 years) Gaza.
11. Muhammad Abdun Nabi Abu Irmanah (30 years) AlBuraij.
12. Mahmoud Samer Abu Irmanah (27 years) AlBuraij.
13. Abdullah Abdurrahim AlMadhoun (22 th) North of Gaza.
14. Fadhi Raghib Badran (31 th) North of Gaza.
15. Amani Al Madhoun, in a state of pregnancy (33 years) North of Gaza.
16. Janin Ayman AlMadhoun (9 months of pregnancy) child from Amani AlMadhoun, North Gaza.
17. Musa Husain Muammar (24 th) Rafah.
18. Ali Ahmad Ali Abdul Jawad (51 years) Rafah.
19. Radhiah Marya Ahmad Ramadhan AlGhazali (4 months) North of Gaza.
20. Ahmad Ramadhan Rajab Al Ghazali (31 th) North of Gaza.
21. Ayman Abdullah Musa Al Ghazali (30 years) North of Gaza.
22. Abdurrahim Mustofa Toha AlMadhoun, (61 years old) North of Gaza.
23. Abdurrahman Thalal Athiyah Abul Jidyan (children aged 12 years).
24. Iyad Abdullah Asysyarihi (34 th) Al Maghazi.
25. Hani Hamdan Abu Sya’r (37 years) Rafah.

Previously, fighting broke out between Palestinian factions and Israeli after four Palestinians were killed and two Israeli soldiers injured in the Great March of Return protest on Gaza-Israel border on Friday. (T/Sj/R04)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)