Arab League Calls for Providing Palestinian People with Protection

Cairo, MINA – The Arab League called today on the relevant international bodies, especially the UN Security Council, to assume their responsibilities and implement their resolutions to provide protection for the Palestinian people.

The remarks came in a statement hours after the Israeli army killing of three Palestinians today, two in the West Bank and the third in the Arab town of Rahat inside Israel, WAFA reported.

The Arab League also demanded the urgent implementation of Resolution 2334 to put an end to Israel’s disregard and defiance of the resolutions of international legitimacy.

It stressed that the Israeli occupation continues to commit extrajudicial executions and premeditated killings with complete disregard for the blood of the Palestinian people and their most basic human, legal and international rights, as the death toll of Palestinian youth and children has risen to 20 since the beginning of this year.

The Arab League also condemned this new crime and the ongoing crimes as well as other Israeli violations, including settlement, house demolitions, displacement and arrests.

It held the Israeli government fully responsible for these crimes, which are classified as war crimes and crimes against humanity, and for their repercussions in Palestine and the region.

It described these violations as “state terrorism” practiced by the occupation army and its settlers against the Palestinian people’s rights, perpetuating the policy of racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing on the widest scale.(T/R3/RE1)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)