Al-Fatah Uses the Al-Ghooyah Method to Be Able to Read Yellow Book in 20 Days

Muhajirun, MINA – Shuffah Hizbullah and Al-Fatah Islamic Boarding School of Batam, Riau Islands,  has used a system of learning to read the yellow book (kitab kuning) quickly with Al-Ghooyah method.

This learning system can produce students with the ability to read the yellow book that began to learn from zero in just 20 days, according to Mudir (head) of Shuffah Hezbollah Islamic Bording School and Madrassa Al-Fatah Batam, Yaser Arafat, when contacted by Mi’raj News Agency (MINA) via phone, Friday (9/6) night after the test of the ability of 15 students who are attending training during Ramadan.

“There are 15 Al-Fatah santri who participated in this training, including a santri from Batam who is pursuing study at Al-Fatah Jambi along with students from Miftahul Huda and Ar-Rumi Islamic boarding Schols as many as 36 santri,” he said.

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“The 15 santri are, Umniyah Adibah, Istiqomala Sari, Siti Khadijah, Fitri Nurhidayah, Niswah Afifatul Husni, Septiara Fathanah S, Bayu Arya Gumilang, Sufi Abdullah, Usrotun Hasanah, Muhammad Alfan Dzaki, Dina Nur Fadilah, Mar’atus Sholehah, Muh. Yusuf Budiarto, Anisa Hakim, Faizatun Nikmah, “he said.

Senior Administrator of Ponpes Shuffah Hizbullah and Madrasah Al-Fatah, KH. Yakhsyallah Mansur who was also present with Administrator Al-Fatah of Jambi, KH. Saleh Hafidz, and tested the ability of the students in the middle of the training said they would use this method as an official method in Al-Fatah Batam.

“We will use this as our official method in Al-Fatah Batam as an effort to accelerate learning to read the yellow book, God willing, followed by Al-Fatah throughout Indonesia,” he said.

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Yakshyallah also said that in the near future he will hold the Yellow Book Festival at Al-Fatah Jambi.

The yellow book refers to the classical books to study Islam with text that does not have vowels and using yellow paper

Meanwhile, the inventor of the Al-Ghooyah Method, KH. Abdul Rohman Nabrawi in a telephone interview said this method is a method with characteristics of istiqrai approach (data analysis), the case produces a theory.

“Students almost no write, students can already understand because we depart from a case producing a theory. In 20 days Insya Allah from blank tapes, from students who have no basis at all, can read sarah Alfiah Ibnu Aqil, the highest book of science Nahwu Sorof, “he said.

The training includes writing, reading, translating, as well as understanding. Starting from the first minute it has started.

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“All this time I have never found failure during training, except that his son can not read Al-Qur’an and not discipline,” said ustadz who was born in Malang and domiciled in Probolinggo.

As for the terms, he thinks that is important to read the Qur’an. “Read the yellow book as we learn to read other books, only this is a foreign language. Then then how to enrich the vocabulary. It means there is no difficulty, “he said.

This Al-Ghooyah method existed since 2005, taught in salaf pesantren, began to book well in 2009, 2011 to the entire archipelago, almost all pesantrens in East Java, West Java, Banten, DKI, and some teachers from Kalimantan have also been.   (T/R04/RS5)

Mi’raj News Agency (MINA)

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